Gallery D' Art (An art organisation)


    • The gallery was born with a strong passionate creative zeal and an urgency for a place where designers, craftsman, artists & sculptors can exhibit their works. The historical city of Lucknow has a legacy of rich cultural background but was bemoaning the lack of such spaces for display of art, sculpture and product design, due to non functioning of governament run art organisations.

      Being myself a visual art student ( an artist, architect and designer ) the field concerned me, thus creativity got better of economics and an urge and a dream so overwhelming that gave birth to Gallery d' art a known name in art connoisseur's circle and synonymous with art scenario of the city at present.

      This 2000 Sq.ft. airconditioned art gallery can boast as one of it's kind in whole northern region of India, after Delhi, housing a vast array of contemporary indian paintings, ceramics, sculptures.


    • The gallery deals two types of arts simultaneously- ithe contemporary art and the traditional rare art owing to it's rich historical background. Therefore there are two independent sections-

      1. The permanent exhibit section

      2. Section for festivals, theme shows, solo shows, group shows and work shops.

      All the activities, gallery undertakes involves planning, organising, leading and controlling all the shows, festivals etc. from the beginning till the end, leaving nothing for the artist/craft person to bother except providing his/her work at the gallery. There are no financial as well as management burden on them which could hamper their creative urge.


    • One of the main aims apart from contemporary art is to help in Revival of old/ rare arts also, and the endeavour was to bring the people who have been creating beautiful and exquisite arts for genaration and for which Lucknow and India as a whole is famous for, bringing them in the fore front and provide interaction between the artist and the masses. The effort is to bring the people who create and the people who appreciate on the common platform, the rich art but lesser known to the urban people and to make them aware of their rich roots that encompasses the art forms of this region like - calligraphy, miniature paintings, ivory & bone craft, old style pottery & earthen toy making, bidriwork or silver inlay work etc.

      Thus to strengthen our hands for such activities, we associated with INTACH (Indian National Trust for Arts & Cultural Heritage) the pioneer voluntary organisation spear heading and working tirelessly towards this aim. Creating market for these old & rare arts is of prime importance since the support system is to be strengthend.

      Documentation,research & design evolution are another aspects which are to be taken care of. A systematic time to time consumer surveys in the form of questionnaire are carried out at the gallery level during workshops.