Development Plan Concept Sections
Integrated Air Passenger Terminal 3 for Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport, Lucknow- Proposal only

This project aims at creating a gateway for air passengers to and from the city of Lucknow with the entire country. A user friendly integrated airport terminal also being the next phase of development according to the Lucknow Airport Master Plan has become a necessity as the already existing terminals are serving well beyond their peak capacities and are hence in an extremely chaotic position. This phase of the development proposal mandates a construction of Integrated Passenger Terminal to cater to an international passenger traffic of 4 million projected for the year 2025 and to cater to the 16 million of the 25 million domestic passengers projected for the year 2015-16.

This terminal, currently being envisioned by the Airports Authority of India, aims at connecting the designed terminal with the already existing terminals making terminal to terminal movement easier and quicker.

This architectural idea will also look at modern techniques being used at airport terminals today. These techniques will help making the terminal more user friendly and lead towards innovations in airport design inducing the much needed flexibility in terminals.

Key ISSUE behind the design


In the current times of globalization, we are witnessing a failure on the part of airport terminal buildings which do not reflect the culture or the identity of the city where it is situated in. The terminal buildings are left in high tension between the function that runs the building and the design that puts forward the building to its users. It is the function of air transport that strikes the imbalance and puts the design on a backfoot, thereby placing function ahead of design and the building failing to reflect the culture and identity of the city for which it is the gateway.

The airport terminals also act as great social and economic drivers for the region, driving key employments, promoting regional and national accessibility and driving tourism to the benefit of the state. Recent surveys have shown that for every 100 dollars spent in aviation, 300 new jobs are created with revenues amounting to more than 1000 dollars.

To reconnect with the travelers, airports around the world are reinventing themselves as relaxing destinations--complete with pools, golf courses, and movie theaters--rather than just the awful place where they search your bags before you get on a plane.

More than 5 billion travelers passed through the airports of the world in 2011, according to Airports Council International. That’s an incredible number, considering the population of the entire planet is something like 7 billion.

But for an industry that has seen its share of dark places, the current position is not a final destination. It’s an opportunity to repent and change. And indeed, with increasing fervor, airport owners and developers around the globe are reinventing the airport as a place that people actually want to spend time. That includes the “forevermore” kind of time.